Babe With The Power with Maureen Pollack

Life As a Man With A Vagina with @BuckAngel - RE-RELEASE - Ep. 2

May 08, 2022 Maureen Pollack Season 1 Episode 2
Babe With The Power with Maureen Pollack
Life As a Man With A Vagina with @BuckAngel - RE-RELEASE - Ep. 2
Show Notes

TW: Suicide (time stamp: 15:45-16:50), drug/alcohol use

In this episode, Maureen sits down with Buck Angel to discuss transitioning, trans-inclusive sex toys, masturbation, and so so much more! Buck Angel was one of the first people in Los Angeles to transition 27 years ago from female to male. Buck has made it his mission to empower others to accept themselves and encourage everyone to be comfortable in their own skin. 

This episode is a re-release from our previous video series and was recorded in 2021.

Buck delves into exploring masturbation as a male with a vagina, and how it empowered him to explore and LOVE his vagina. Buck has created his own toy for trans men called “Buck Off,” and talks about how he also loves our very own WaterSlyde! 

 If you want to learn more from Buck, you can follow him on IG   and Twitter @buckangel, on FB @ Official Buck Angel, YouTube at ( & on his website at

We also chat a bit about resources to support trans individuals, specifically young trans individuals. Those resources are below:

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